Canon Océ Arizona 6100 Series Driver

Canon Océ Arizona 6100 Series Driver

Printer Reviews– Canon USA, Inc. has announced the launch of the Océ Arizona Series 6100, a platform entirely new printers designed for print providers that produce display signs and approximately 325,000 square feet of rigid printed media per year. Consisting of six colors Océ Arizona 6160 XTS device and seven-color Océ Arizona XTS 6170 devices, the Océ Arizona Series 6100 has been optimized for efficient and high-speed production of rigid media applications. Designed as dedicated flatbed systems, the series features an extra large vacuum table 8-by-10 feet to keep the media and stationary objects during printing for optimal print quality and flexibility of rigid media applications.

With a focus on pure productivity, Arizona flatbed architecture 6100 series’ true support a wide range of rigid media applications, including printing on rigid media oddly shaped, heavy, smooth or pre-cut; production of high-value, multi-layer application; two-sided printing in perfect register; large print tiles for several boards with perfect geometry; and printing without the hassle or mess edge-to-edge.

“For users who require high volume, the capacity of the printing medium stiffness, this new printer delivers quality output that is outstanding at a high speed with a wide range of applications architecture flatbed true, which allows the user to potentially expand the boundaries of their service offerings,” said Junichi Yoshitake, senior vice president and general manager, business imaging solutions group, Canon USA, Inc.

Table flatbed printing has two independent zones, each with its own vacuum system, for simultaneous printing and media loading / unloading. This means the board can be staged and ready while others are being printed, allowing non-stop production. Or, two zones can be combined into one to activate the 8-by-10 footprints. Pin pneumatic registration helps ensure fast, repeatable, easy loading and rigid media in a systematic list each time. Together with a high-flow vacuum system effective pulldown rigid media, it means that the operator only needs a few seconds to load even the largest board in the register systematically. With this easy media loading, a single operator can serve two printers simultaneously, generating nearly 50 boards per hour in production mode.

With nearly 27,000 nozzles in the print carriage piezoelectric seven lines, Arizona 6100 Series quickly and reliably produce inkjet print output at speeds of up to 1,668 square feet per hour. A newly designed print head Automated Maintenance System provides a fully-automated, hands-free printhead cleaning in less than 25 seconds per color, makes a broad array of nozzles available and ready to print on almost any time. Employing award-winning Océ VariaDot ™ print technology together with all other Arizona Series printers, the Océ Arizona Series 6100 offers the same quality ‘near photographic’ printing, when using the light inks for printing dependable even in the fastest production mode. Finally, Active Pixel Placement Compensation ensures that every pixel adapted to land exactly where intended for accurate, uniform geometry throughout flatbed printing.

Océ Arizona printer 6160 XTS easily upgradeable to the Océ Arizona printer with an additional 6170 XTS one ink channel for white ink applications. Both Océ Arizona Series 6100 models will also support additional ink channel for future development. An interface hardware / software allows for easy integration with workflow automation and third-party systems.

Canon Océ Arizona 6100 Series Driver

This Printer Driver Support For:
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Mac Os X
  • Linux
To install a driver, Follow these steps:
  1. Download the printer driver you want to install
  2. Open the installation file to be installed
  3. Double-click on the file master printer driver to be installed
  4. Follow the instructions to installation driver by pressing the Next
  5. Make sure the printer is alive and connected to the Laptop
  6. If it has been completed, try to print.
  7. If not, please restart the PC and try printing again
The above instructions for installation in windows operating system, for installation on Mac OS X and Linux, for those who do not know can search on

Canon Océ Arizona 6100 Series Driver

For Windows XP Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 8.1
Canon Océ Arizona 6100 Series Driver for Mac OS X
Canon Océ Arizona 6100 Series Driver for Linux


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