Océ Arizona 480 Series UV Flatbed Printer Drivers

Océ Arizona 480 Series UV Flatbed Printer Drivers

Océ Arizona 480 Series UV Flatbed Printer Drivers
Printer Reviews– The Océ Arizona 480 GT UV flatbed printer offers extraordinary application adaptability so you can grow your offerings and catch new business. The elements of this UV inkjet printer are intended to enhance profitability to keep your flatbed printing operation running easily.

Océ Arizona 480 GT and Océ Arizona 480 XT printers that element noteworthy application flexibility and enhanced profitability, while keeping up the uncompromising quality favored by Océ Arizona Series clients. The Océ Arizona 480 GT printer will make its overall introduction in Océ stall #435 at the Specialty Graphic and Imaging Association (SGIA) yearly show, occurring from October 18-20, 2012 in Las Vegas.

Creation efficiencies, application adaptability are vital to development

In a late SGIA study, the Graphics and Sign Community was surveyed to decide ways for business development. The review found that “with an end goal to develop, even in an unverifiable economy, sign and representation organizations are concentrating on generation efficiencies.” The Graphics and Sign Community of SGIA have shown an in number viewpoint for 2012, with a normal middle development rate of 11.2 percent. Moreover, application adaptability is seen as a key component to industry development. The report synopsis proceeds with, “the most widely recognized system for representation and sign organizations to accomplish anticipated development is through business sector extension, either inside existing markets or by growing new markets.” The new Océ Arizona 480 Series printers incorporate elements intended to expand throughput and widen the scope of uses that can be offered by print administration suppliers.

Genuine instruments for genuine experts

Inventive experts committed to the creation of top notch sign and show applications request brilliant instruments. The Océ Arizona 480 printers speak to the most recent era in this business sector driving item crew. Highlighting the same honor winning Océ VariaDot imaging innovation as in each Océ Arizona printer, these models offer considerably more application flexibility and generation efficiencies. New components include:

Eight free ink channels with backing for varnish or twofold mistiness white ink printing, including extra cyan and fuchsia channels for higher print quality at speedier speeds

Dynamic pixel situation pays for ideal picture sharpness, thickness, and consistency over the whole print region – both flatbed or over the Roll Media Option

Exact vacuum framework arranged to coordinate the dominant part of standard-sized realistic expressions media

Bunch mode operation for streamlining multi-layered occupations or encouraging set resemblance

Eight autonomous ink channels for application adaptability expanded profitability

Both Océ Arizona 480 GT and Océ Arizona 480 XT models incorporate eight autonomous ink channels with the initial four designed for standard CMYK printing. Channels five and six can be arranged in two ways that offer adaptability to meet the requests of different occupations:

Varnish + White: Using white ink, print administration suppliers can create outstanding quality prints on an assortment of non-white substrates – including illuminated prints – that can order premium costs. Varnish can be utilized as a “spot” (focused on) or “surge” (by and large) beautifying component for enticing results at premium costs. These two elements can be consolidated to make really remarkable applications for sign and show or artistic work applications

Twofold White: Alternatively, when not required for use in printing varnish, the 6th channel can be utilized as an extra white ink channel to give twofold the haziness in a solitary printing go for higher efficiency when printing white ink occupations. This is especially helpful for illuminated and mechanical applications

Print administration suppliers can utilize these two directs in whichever arrangement best suits their needs, changing from varnish + white to twofold white (and the other way are) on demand.

Océ Arizona 480 Series UV Flatbed Printer Drivers

This Printer Driver Support For:
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Mac Os X
  • Linux
To install a driver, Follow these steps:
  1. Download the printer driver you want to install
  2. Open the installation file to be installed
  3. Double-click on the file master printer driver to be installed
  4. Follow the instructions to installation driver by pressing the Next
  5. Make sure the printer is alive and connected to the Laptop
  6. If it has been completed, try to print.
  7. If not, please restart the PC and try printing again
The above instructions for installation in windows operating system, for installation on Mac OS X and Linux, for those who do not know can search on google.com

Océ Arizona 480 Series UV Flatbed Printer Drivers

For Windows XP Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 8.1
Océ Arizona 480 Series UV Flatbed Printer Drivers for Mac OS X
Océ Arizona 480 Series UV Flatbed Printer Drivers for Linux


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