Canon PIXMA MG8100 Driver Download

Canon PIXMA MG8100 Driver Download

Canon PIXMA MG8100 Driver Download
Printer Reviews– That is the color of the Canon PIXMA MG8100 they were sent for review, and certainly did some crazy people in the office. Great printer but want it in black, they argued. Crashing house decoration problems apart, the PIXMA MG8100 is undoubtedly an excellent printer can create the premium for photographs and color papers spectacular. It is an inkjet printer inkjet A4 with a flat profile and a footprint that occupies about 43x38cm on a desk, and there is a flatbed A4 on top for scanning and copying documents. The main paper tray rests on the bottom of the printer and can be packed from the front, with prints appear in the tray ignore the result just above it. This implies that the course paper is creased, however, you can hardly understand that from the results straight, without bending it receives.

Six ink cartridges need to be installed before it could start using the inkjet printer, and they sit in the printhead which takes a delegate travel to the right as the paper feed rollers of the sheet here. You will not find capillary innovation in this model. To mount cartridges, including 2 storage tanks, gray-black, cyan, magenta and yellow, too, it is necessary to raise the upper panel where the LCD screen lives. It’s simple, as the mechanics of it are smooth and well done.

The resulting tray also has mechanics who feel very soft to blink, and if you forget to open it before attacking printing, the inkjet printer will open by itself. When closes again, the expansion tray folds automatically. As fairly inkjet printers inexpensive are affected (although $ AU189 perhaps is not as economical for an inkjet printer these days), it is a strong machine.

What is disappointing is that even boats Canon printer drivers on a CD as opposed to a USB memory. This should not be a problem if Windows 8 is used, as you can simply use the ‘Add Printer inkjet’ attribute in Windows and will be installed immediately. However, it was tried with a laptop Windows 7 Pro could not find this way and that could not find the drivers of Windows that are listed in the Canon site.

Driver Canon PIXMA MG8100 Download and Review From the MG8100 is advertised as a cloud printer, have avoided linking directly to our computers via USB and instead Wi-Fi is used. The procedure for obtaining the inkjet printer on our network was basic: look for the wireless network name, choose, and after we entered our password to validate the inkjet printer. The LCD screen inkjet printer is a touch screen, and it was very easy to sort and collect things with our index.

Once you have the printer connected to your wireless network, you can do interesting things like connecting to the cloud service Google Post. Again, it is a simple point to make: you go to the start of treatment to the ink-jet ink, and print either a link or display a QR code to open the web address that you have to use to verify printer with Google Cloud Post. We were printed from Google Docs Chrome web browser quickly in any way.

With Google Cloud Post, you can post your documents from anywhere with Internet access, and not only from the computer cell phone home yet. Other elements of the cloud can be accessed if the mobile application Canon PIXMA configured, allowing you to connect even more solutions with the printer, including one drive, Dropbox, Evernote, Flickr, and more. You can choose to connect Google Cloud Post with this application as well like we did so we could possibly scan documents directly to Google Docs.

Scanning was not as easy as we thought it would be without doubt. After launching an exploration through food selection integrated printer, we were only given the option of moving to a computer connected via USB or check your email. We could not use any of these options, and no options for a computer system or cell phone via Wi-Fi. We locate much easier to simply use the mobile application to start Pixma scans (up to 300 dpi, according to reports in PDF or JPG), and save them to Google Docs for easy access. As for the superior quality, the Pixma MG8100 excited on many fronts. Its outcome text lacked extreme feathers and fringe. At the same time, the outcome photo was possibly more impressive than expected considering the sub- $ AU200 price. A4 we print a collection of images that were crisp and extremely described, without being too sharp or turbid between colors.

Canon PIXMA MG8100 Driver Download

This Printer Driver Support For:
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Mac Os X
  • Linux
To install a driver, Follow these steps:
  1. Download the printer driver you want to install
  2. Open the installation file to be installed
  3. Double-click on the file master printer driver to be installed
  4. Follow the instructions to installation driver by pressing the Next
  5. Make sure the printer is alive and connected to the Laptop
  6. If it has been completed, try to print.
  7. If not, please restart the PC and try printing again
The above instructions for installation in windows operating system, for installation on Mac OS X and Linux, for those who do not know can search on

Canon PIXMA MG8100 Driver Download

For Windows XP Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 8.1
Canon PIXMA MG8100 Driver Download for Mac OS X
Canon PIXMA MG8100 Driver Download for Linux


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